Test post and 24 trips around the sun

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This post is mainly to test the posting function and where and how I want to set up posting. But it just happens to coincide with my 24th trip around the sun so it gives me an excuse to mess around with an imagine and posting.

This is the second birthday I’ve had in New Zealand now. With all the amazing cakes my girlfriend makes and all the goodies my lab bakes, birthdays don’t feel much different then when I was in the states.

Birthdays used to be milestones that had marathons between them all the while us kids attempted to sprint from one to the next. Those first couple dozen birthdays all seem uphill. The perception of the duration between candles is elongated by the steepness and battle against gravity. Somewhere we reach the top of that mountain and begin our decent. With gravity’s assist we no longer need to try to sprint to birthdays, that’s all taken care of. We attempted instead now to slow down. But if our legs move any slower we may fall and tumble. Our peers will fly past and life will pass under our summersalting body. The rigid routine of life takes hold and reflexes regulate our strides. The new found gravity pulls and compresses our perception of time and years turn into 100 meter track laps. Birthdays become the water station where for a few fleeting seconds you can stop to quench your thirst and look back on the past leg of life.

But maybe falling isn’t too bad. We did a lot of that uphill. Bikes and scrapped knees. Trees and broken arms. Skateboards and road-rash hands. Maybe we should slow down and fall more often downhill. It can give us sometime to rest our aching legs, gather our thoughts, and take in the view from how far we’ve come.

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