During Brain Awareness Week 2015 Dr. David Bilkey, fellow grad student Thom Elston, and I put on a Music in the Brain show in collaboration with the University of Otago’s Mozart Fellow Jeremy Mayall. Dr. David Bilkey took brain waves recorded with EEG and transformed them into frequencies the human ear could hear. Jeremy composed a piece of music, Musica in cerebro based on the sounds of those brain waves. I then hooked up Thom to an EEG recording system which fed into my laptop running Matlab. For the show, the piece based on brain waves was played while Thom’s brain waves were analyzed in real time and displayed for the audience so their brains could hear music inspired by brain waves and watch brain waves responding to brain wave music. Sadly, there is no video of the event, but you can here Jeremy’s piece on his SoundCloud. And we made it on the news!

BHRC Brain Music