Hi, I’m Blake Porter the Neuroscientist. I am currently pursuing my PhD at New Zealand’s University of Otago under Dr. David Bilkey in his Brain and Behavior lab along with my co-supervisor Dr. Kristin Hillman. My PhD research is focused on the neural mechanisms of self control. Specifically, I’m interested in how the brain encodes, remembers, and recalls the cost of a particular experience or decision. For example, how do we encode how difficult a run is? How is it our brains remember how much energy that run took? How do those memories influence decision making, say deciding on going on a run again?

Prior to swimming to New Zealand,  I completed my B.A. with Honors in Neuroscience with a minor in Human Physiology at Boston University. I began my research pursuits in Dr. Howard Eichenbaum’s lab for Cognitive Neurobiology my junior year. I worked on various projects with exceptional post-doctoral researchers, Dr. Andrea Frank (junior year and a summer UROP grant) and Dr. Anja Farovik (senior year, honors distinction work). After graduating in May 2013, I continued to work in the Eichenbaum lab as a research assistant with the remarkable Dr. Lara Rangel until I began my PhD in February 2014.

Outside of research I enjoy photography, podcaststhe stock market, weight lifting, video games, and board sports (longboarding, surfing, snowboarding, wakeboarding). I also consult for Analytic Fitness, a website taking an analytical approach to fitness by reviewing scientific literature and making it accessible and digestible for the public.