What is color? Enchroma glasses, neuroscience, and the mystery of color.

This article covers everything you need to know about color and light, color vision from the cells of the eye to the color processing centers of the brain, why some people have a form of color blindness, how EnChroma glasses work to improve color discrimination in those with colorblindness, and lastly, what color is a philosophical and neuroscientific level and what EnChroma glasses teach us about color perception.


Color vision, color blindness, and Enchroma’s efficacy – An internet sourced survey on what color means

This is a followup study to my original article above, which garnered a lot of interest as well as many unanswered questions. To delve deeper into color vision, I ran a survey on color vision. The survey included people with and without color blindness, and those who are colorblind have have used EnChroma glasses. Many intriguing answers were uncovered! For example, many people with colorblindness cannot see purple! Furthermore, people with colorblindness are less likely to practice a form of art, even forms of art that do not require color visions, such as writing. There were differences in favorite colors and emotional attitudes towards EnChroma reaction videos. Finally, the article concludes with by revisiting the philosophical and neuroscientific questions raised in the first article that did not have answers.